Superior materials

We use the best available materials to create lasting, valuable results.


3D mapping technology allows us to cut with pinpoint accuracy.


All production is carried out in-house and led by our mother & daughter team.

Custom bike seats

One of our main service categories is the custom reupholstery of motorcycle and scooter seats.

We use GORE ® TENARA ® sewing thread for our seat projects. This durable thread is designed for outdoor use, often outlasting the material it's sewn into.

Latest projects » Bike Seats

Shade Solutions

One of our fastest-growing service areas is the design and fabrication of custom shade solutions. We use advanced 3D modelling combined with Google Earth ® data to create outdoor covers which provide optimal coverage throughout the day.

Latest projects » Shade Solutions

Hurricane Covers

Forget about nailing plywood all over your house when a hurricane is on the approach! Our fabric-based hurricane covers provide a quick and easy way to secure your home at a moment's notice.

We're Bermuda's exclusive vendor of Storm Screen products by STORMSMART ®.

In addition to installation services, we offer a 24 hr. emergency help service for our Storm Screen customers when they are in need.

Latest projects » Hurricane Covers

Auto Upholstery

We offer custom auto upholstery services including seating, headliners and covers. Let our skilled team design your new luxury car interior today!

Latest projects » Auto Upholstery

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